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Smoky Espresso Brownies: Indugence is an Understatement

by Pat Martin September 22, 2016

Smoky Espresso Brownies | Recipe | Wayward Gourmet

The zing from the espresso and smokiness from the spice blend really set this chocolatey treat apart it apart!

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Some Like it Hot: Our Latest Blend, Five Alarm Frenzy!

by Pat Martin August 26, 2016

Five Alarm Frenzy Spice Rub | Wayward Gourmet | Spice Blend

We've had countless people emailing us or coming up to us at farmers markets asking us to make a really hot blend, one to burn the tonsils.

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The Easiest (and most delicious) Fried Fish Recipe EVER!

by Pat Martin August 23, 2016

Fried Fish Recipe | Wayward Gourmet | Spice Blend | Spice Rub

This is a recipe for Easy Fried Fish that utilizes our amazing Gone Fishin' Spice blend. It's very herb-centric and citrusy  rather than heavy on stronger spices which really lets the fish shine.

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