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Our "We Hate Black Friday Black Friday Sale"

by Pat Martin November 18, 2016

Wayward Gourmet | Black Friday Sale | We Hate Black Friday, Actually

How many times have you seen news footage of people rushing into a store, fighting over the last stuffed animal, coffee maker or widget. It's silly really. So yeah, it sounds ridiculous that we decided to have our own Black Friday Sale, right?  Well, we wanted to make our sale a little bit different than the rest.

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Fool-Proof Thanksgiving Turkey: Show the Bird Who's Boss!

by Pat Martin November 03, 2016

Turkey Recpe | Thanksgiving | Recipe | Foolproof

The thought of cooking a turkey can make a grown man cry, send any person into the fetal position and loathe the day they told their family "why don't we have Thanksgiving at our place?" But it doesn't have to be this way.

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We're Engaged: A Shared Love and a Shared Love for Food

by Pat Martin October 28, 2016

We're Engaged! | Wayward Gourmet

After over 2 years dating, I finally popped the question and (in case you couldn't tell from the blog's title) Liz said "YES!" It's been a shared love for all things food that has truly been the glue that has bonded our relationship.

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