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Bacon Donut Brownies: Smoky, Sweet and Salty Deliciousness

by Liz Berk March 13, 2017

Bacon Donut Brownie Recipe | Smoky Sweet & Salty | Wayward Gourmet

From time to time I like to offset healthy meals with a baked treat. These brownies are so simple and delicious, they will rock your world.

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Comfort Food: Delicious, Heart-Warming, and a Pain in the Fanny

by Pat Martin February 17, 2017

Wayward Gourmet | Comfort Food | Chicken Recipe

These buttermilk chicken tenders have all of the comfort food vibe you could ever want.  With a healthy dose of our Nobody Calls Me Chicken, a smidge of time, and minimal effort, you’ll be indulging on tasty chicken tenders that are better than anything you could get in a restaurant.

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Smoky, Bold, Cincinnati Chili Burger: You Can Thank Us Later

by Pat Martin February 09, 2017

Spicy & Bold Cincinnati Chili Burder | Recipe | Wayward Gourmet

Food scented body washes are problematic for me, because it takes my usual food frenzy and turns it into complete madness.  But on this morning?  This morning, inspiration struck.

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