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Four Helpful Tips to Get Your Grill Ready for Primetime BBQ Season

by Pat Martin April 17, 2017

Grilling Tips | Care for Your Grill | Wayward Gourmet | Spice Rubs | Grill Geeks Apparel

Four important tips that you need to know if you’re going to be prepared for a prosperous, successful, and tasty Grilling Season.

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Bacon Donut Brownies: Smoky, Sweet and Salty Deliciousness

by Liz Berk March 13, 2017

Bacon Donut Brownie Recipe | Smoky Sweet & Salty | Wayward Gourmet

From time to time I like to offset healthy meals with a baked treat. These brownies are so simple and delicious, they will rock your world.

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Comfort Food: Delicious, Heart-Warming, and a Pain in the Fanny

by Pat Martin February 17, 2017

Wayward Gourmet | Comfort Food | Chicken Recipe

These buttermilk chicken tenders have all of the comfort food vibe you could ever want.  With a healthy dose of our Nobody Calls Me Chicken, a smidge of time, and minimal effort, you’ll be indulging on tasty chicken tenders that are better than anything you could get in a restaurant.

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