We Finally Tied the Knot!

We Finally Tied the Knot!

And Made it Official!

This past Saturday, October, 7, surrounded by all of our family and friends, Liz and I tied the knot in an old converted barn in Keene, NH! It was an incredible night full of amazing memories that will last a lifetime!

Pat reading his vows trying not to stumble over his words

After months of planning and a LONG day at the kitchen making the side dishes and desserts (yeah, we were the nut jobs who thought making our own wedding food was a great idea) the day finally came. It went without saying that we used our own spice rubs for the food!

Liz & Pat Prepping their Wedding Food

Thank you to all who shared our special day with us and to all who extended their warm wishes! We're so excited and happy to continue our love of food in married life. 

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