Top 11 Gifts for the Grilling/BBQ Enthusiast in Your Life

Top 11 Gifts for the Grilling/BBQ Enthusiast in Your Life

The best gift is the one that excites as well as serves a purpose. This year, get your BBQ enthusiast dad, or any other grill lover, one of these gifts to win the best gift giver award! You never know, you just might get some free BBQ out of it too!

The Smoking Gun
The device looks like a hair dryer. The $99.95 device adds an authentic wood smoke aroma to your food. It can be used with seafood, meat, chicken and even veggies! You can also add a Manhattan touch to your cocktails with a 30 seconds flame.

Grill Daddy
A love for BBQ comes with a dirty grill that isn’t easy to clean at all. Get the $16.99 powerful Grill Daddy that makes it easy to get rid of all grease. It is a battery operated device with stainless steel brushes. The use of steam and hot mist is what helps this device so efficiently remove all muck from the grill.

Wireless Grill Thermometer
There's an old saying that goes "if you're looking, you ain't cooking." This isn't necessarily true for steaks or chops that can be grilled with the cover off, but if you're grilling a larger cut of meat that requires covering, a wireless meat thermometer is a must. You simply stick the thermometer in the meat and shut the lid. You can then walk away with the handheld unit that will tell you when the desired temp is reached and it's time to return to your grill. This one by ThermoPro is only $59.99 and worth every penny!

GrillMaster's Spice Rub Pack
This special gift pack is perfectly designed for grill enthusiasts. You can get a great deal on Currently, the pack is available at a discount and you can bag it for only $35.97.

Grilling Reminder App 
Prevent your loved one from burning their meat while they’re Face Timing with you or another close person. The App alerts the chef whenever the meat needs to be flipped or removed from heat. You can get it for as little as $1.99.

Koziol Cheese Grater
This gift is perfect if you’re on a budget. It costs only $12.95 and is an essential grating cheese for burgers, garlic for a marinade or veggies for a slaw.

Fancy Cutting Board
Every BBQ requires chopped veggies, a place to prep the meat before going on the grill. Get a handy chopping board that's made for grilling with handy drip channels. It is available at a price of $23.99 on Amazon.

Fries Cutter
A side of fries is perfect with a grilled steak (or just by themselves!) Save your loved one some time and get them a fries cutter in $66.50.

Grilling Cookbook
Weber's Way to Grill ($10.23) is an absolute staple for anyone who wants to expand their outdoor cooking horizons. If you know someone who already has the basics mastered, Steven Raichlen's The Barbecue Bible for 13.39 is a must!

Grilling Tongs
Everyday kitchen tongs will suffice, but if you're going to be grilling a lot, a dedicated pair is a necessity. These tongs by Grill Hogs are just $12.95 and are specially designed to grip cuts of meat like steak and chicken all while keeping your hands away from the heat.

Handy knife
No BBQ is possible without a finely cut piece of meat. A quality chef's knife is an absolute must. You could spend thousands of dollars on one, but unless you're a professional chef, we recommend the Fibrox Chef's Knife by Victorinox. We use it daily and love it!


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