Top 10 Foods to Warm Your Soul as the Weather Gets Cold

Top 10 Foods to Warm Your Soul as the Weather Gets Cold

Brace yourself, winter is coming...

As cold and harsh as the colder months can be, they're the best time for soul warming foods. Here are 10 must-have foods to keep you going this winter:

Brussels sprouts

Get a head start on your "New Year, New Me" regime with this healthy veggie. Brussels sprouts are in their best form during the winter season. Take advantage of it. You may have a visceral reaction to these delicious greens because of how they were prepared as a kid. Well guess what, you're an adult now. Saute these bad boys in a skillet with some olive oil and minced garlic and you're going to wonder why you ever doubted them! Cook a cup of the vegetable to get enough fiber, Vitamin A, C and K, as well as Potassium. The cooking time for these cabbage-like-goodies is only 8 to 10 minutes.


Is it really winter unless you’ve had soup? Now this is the option where you have the option to choose according to your taste. Go for vegetable stew or chicken stew, cook it at home or get a microwave ready one, add a lot of chicken or keep it vegetables only. Mix and match to get healthy as well as warm. Soup always seems to warm us to the core!


It’s the best food you can give yourself, considering the advantages it provides. Baked haddock or cod will send you to a beach house in your mind while the snow piles up outside. Fattier fish like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3s which will keep your immune system going when the cold seems to be taking its toll on you!

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Winters come with sickness as well. But these vegetables will have you covered against any flu or sore throats. Fresh as well as frozen broccoli and cauliflower can provide you all the nutrients you need to stay healthy. As with Brussels sprouts, these ain't your mama's veggies. A cast iron skillet, some olive oil and a little seasoning will transform these veggies into a gourmet meal.

Sweet heat Spice Rub

Ok, we had to toot our own horn just a bit. This perfect blend of slices by Wayward Gourmet is your ultimate sweet yet spicy topping for steaks, chicken, eggs and basically everything. The best thing I it’s vegan! You can add it onto your vegan foods for an extra caramelized spicy touch.


Make sure to have this healthy breakfast during the cold season. It will provide you with zinc and fiber to stay healthy during the sick season too.


Nothing says holiday season like the smell of cinnamon. Sprinkle it on your hot drinks for extra taste as well as to get use of its anti-inflammatory properties. Goes great on oatmeal too! (duh!)


Dried Fruits, Nuts & Seeds

The perfect healthy snack. Watch your favorite cozy programs while you munch on some healthy almonds, pumpkin seeds or dried dates. They're awesomely filling and won't make you feel guilty after eating like a bowl of ice cream will.


Orange, lemon, grapefruit, who cares! The vitamin C in citrus is what keeps us going when winter never seems to end. We prefer eating the fruit to get the fiber (ok maybe not lemons.) They're the perfect food on the go that packs a super healthy punch. Even a little squeeze of lemon juice on your veggies when cooking or in your tea has its benefits.


There's not much we can say about steak that hasn't already been said. The perfectly grilled pieces of meat will definitely warm your soul. There's literally nothing like the smell of steaks on the grill in cool fall and winter air!


Let us know your favorite foods that keep you warm during the cold fall and winter months.

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