Skip the Pumpkin Spice. This Year We're All About Apple Spice!

Skip the Pumpkin Spice. This Year We're All About Apple Spice!

Here we go again. It’s officially time for pumpkin spiced everything.

It’s not that I hate pumpkin spice, but I find it hard to accept it as the ultimate fall flavor when apple has clearly been the bringer of fall for centuries.

Some might argue there is room for both flavors, and perhaps that’s true, but for me, apple is my first choice every time. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Always apple for me. There’s just something so demure about it. Apple pie is like the queen of the season while pumpkin pie is more like the nouveau riche, more gaudy and less authentic.

Perhaps I’m being a little hard on poor pumpkin here, but when it comes to fall, it’s apple that really shines. Apples are plentiful and easy to cook with. You can do much more with them than make pies. What can you do with pumpkins? Make pies and roast seeds. But apples, they can be apple sauce that goes with your pork chops. They can be sliced onto a salad of watercress, walnuts and goat cheese. You can stuff them into chicken breasts, make fried apple rings, put them in pancakes, crepes, and dozens of things.

Apples definitely win when it comes to versatility.

And doctors have been saying for ages that it keeps them away so there’s that too.

But if you truly love apple everything, you should try our Apple of My Pie blend. This fragrant seasoning mix makes it easy for you to get that perfect apple pie flavor on anything you want. Including apple pie. No more struggling to figure out what was in Grandma’s award-winning apple pies. It’s all mixed perfectly in one jar. Once you open it, you’ll immediately be enveloped by the fragrance of fall, the original one anyway.

Make plain oatmeal amazing, sprinkle it on popcorn, on top of vanilla ice cream, add it to sliced apples, on fresh-baked pita chips, and gobs of other things too. It would probably be amazing on bacon too. Just saying!

The right blend of spices is truly what makes the foods we eat so captivating. Why should pumpkin get all the attention? Clearly, it’s apple that is the belle of the ball and we should be regarding it as such. Apple is the epitome of warmth in the chillier months. When the weather turns cooler and you throw on a sweater, nothing is more comforting than warm apple pie and other warm apple desserts to come home to. Take that, ice cold pumpkin pie!


Jennifer Raskin is an internationally-published writer and author who doubles as a wife, mom of 2 darling daughters, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, activity planner, nurse and much more on top of her successful freelance writing career. When she gets a moment to herself, she loves reading, wine tasting, dining, shopping, and weightlifting at the gym.

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