Guest Blog Post: Think Outside the Box by Venturing Into the Box

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There’s a new way to expand your culinary horizons!

New and old home cooks alike can sometimes find themselves stumped for something to make. Standing in front of the pantry or feeling all the cold air from your refrigerator wafting away and into neighboring rooms, you might feel very uninspired no matter how long you peruse the items within.

Seeking to remedy that for everyone who has ever thrust on an apron and set off into the kitchen determined to make a meal that stands out, the Blend In A Box Club gives everyone something to rejoice about when it comes to cooking. It’s a monthly subscription program that sends a box filled with a unique, flavorful spice blend along with recipes to help you find inspiration in using the enclosed spice blend and a few little goodies too. 

Order one for yourself or get one for the chef in your life. It makes a great gift. I only wish this was around when I first began dabbling in cooking. I severely needed it. Years of practice and trying things out has made me a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. But it wasn’t always this way.

For example, in college, I asked my kitchen-savvy roommate if paper plates were microwaveable. Her howling laughter was my answer that yes, indeed they were. This same roommate also attempted to help me cook dinner for a boyfriend. If not for her, I’m sure he would’ve broken up with me much sooner. That relationship lasted not much longer than most of the ones I’d had in middle school.

Anyway, we went to the supermarket and purchased chicken breast and yellow rice. Chicken and rice sounds simple enough, right? Tara was in charge of the chicken and she put me in charge of the rice. I could read and follow directions, so I thought I’d be fine. Let’s just say it was a good thing she was there.

Tara’s boyfriend was the roommate of my boyfriend, and another couple we were friends with was joining us too. To make sure we had enough food, we’d bought 2 packages of yellow rice. I read the instructions aloud as I worked. “Okay, it says 3 cups of water on this package, and 3 cups of water on this other package. So that’s 6 cups of water,” I say. And I take the measuring cup and fill it up and empty it into a large saucepan 6 times. “A half a stick of butter and a half a stick of butter. So one whole stick of butter,” I continue about my business, feeling confident about my newfound cooking abilities. Maybe I wasn’t so bad at this after all, I’d thought. “Cook for 25 minutes, and cook for 25 minutes, so cook for 50 minutes!” I proclaim. I am so proud of me. I am so smart. I can totally cook now.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Tara shouts at me, abandoning her chicken duties. “No! You don’t double the time! Just the ingredients!” Lesson learned instantly though it was something she teased me about for years and years.

Even back then, I would have been overjoyed to get a monthly box with a cool new spice blend and recipes to use it with. Even now that I can cook rather well, I still get stumped on what to make my family for dinner. I don’t want to fall into a rut of the same old things either.

The blends that you get in your monthly Blend In A Box package are not the typical kinds of things you can just find at the supermarket when you wander around there in a daze because you’ve somehow managed to get a chance to go there without your children and you are dazzled by the peace and calming quiet that comes with being able to shop without them choking each other over who gets to put the cereal in the cart or how much they want you to buy them more cookies.

Welcome to the world of extraordinary flavors that shake everything up from the hum-drum culinary creations you thought were groundbreaking. You’re about to achieve new gastronomical heights. These spice blends are all natural with no preservatives and no MSG. They’re the difference that will make your meal go from meh to marvelous.

Sweet Heat is excellent rubbed onto any meat you can find. Burgers, ribs and other cuts of meat turn into true works of art with this blend that caramelizes in the heat, leaving you licking your chops for more.

If you like making Mexican dishes but aren’t a fan of all those hard-to-pronounce chemicals in those seasoning packets from the supermarket, then you’ll love Yes We Mexi-Can! The Chinese Takeout blend is wonderful for when you want something from the Far East but don’t feel like waiting an hour for delivery.

And there’s plenty more where those came from. These blends help take the guesswork out of cooking for those that are just learning. No more cooking fiascos! And for those that live in the kitchen, you can change up your routine offerings and find a new flavor combination sensation. If your family is sick of chicken again, the Blend In A Box Club is absolutely the change you want to see in your weekly meal plans to help you explore uncharted cooking territory and bring something new to your table.


Jennifer RaskinJennifer Raskin
is an internationally-published writer and author who doubles as a wife, mom of 2 darling daughters, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, activity planner, nurse and much more on top of her successful freelance writing career. When she gets a moment to herself, she loves reading, wine tasting, dining, shopping, and weightlifting at the gym.

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