Four Oddball Kitchen Gadgets (That are actually AMAZING)

 Four Oddball Kitchen Gadgets (That are Actually Amazing) | Wayward Gourmet

When it comes to the Internet, we can tend to rely on a handful of things:

  1. Half informed, wholly insane social/political/sports bantering and anonymous name calling.
  2. Videos of inspirational people who have overcome some harrowing odds. (That usually leads into the aforementioned trolling and random arguing for some inexplicable reason)
  3. List articles showing off the virtues of ::insert product here:: and why you need to have it in your life. (That somehow leads into the aforementioned screamfest in the comment sections for no reason.)
  4. Cat videos. (Which is thankfully, generally argument-free.)

Well, the Internet is also reliably redundant, and so here we are!  Offering you another list article of kitchen products that are totally off the wall, but that you should totally have in your life.  What makes this one different?

We’ve vetted these weird, quirky, oddities, and they are functional, useful, and fun products.

We love cooking around here and there is something magical about finding a kitchen gadget that actually does more than take up unnecessary space in your kitchen.  We love it even more if they are fun to use and great to look at. 

And best of all?  All of these oddball items are well under $20.

Let’s go! 

  1. Briefcase full of Grating It’s so brilliant that it kind of makes me mad that I didn’t think of it myself. This little grater not only keeps all the grated-goodness inside (and not flying off into the air like it usually does when I’m grating), but the briefcase handle makes for super easy application.  It is small enough that it store well, but it looks cool enough that you’ll want it out for everyone to see. 
  2. Carrot meet Razor Sure, it looks like a cheap razor you use in a pinch and are all out of your refillable blades, but this brilliant little guy is a functional and easy to use vegetable peeler!  Take all of those years of wielding a razor to shave your legs, face, pits, and nether-regions and put them to good use! You’ll find that peeling vegetables is pretty easy when you apply this razor because it uses a motion that we’re all pretty accustomed to. 
  3. Power Tools and Pizza It’s a magical combination, like peanut butter and jelly or Abbot and Costello.  The Pizza Boss 3000 is like a mini circular saw...FOR YOUR PIZZA!  But why is it amazing?  The low center of gravity makes for a much easier cutting motion, a more precise cut, and less pizza sauce being flung everywhere when you cut.  (Safety goggles optional.)
  4. WE FOUND HER!!! I swear, this is not something I put on the list just because it is absurdly adorable.  Sure, it is a soup ladle in the shape of the Loch Ness Monster.  Yes, her little eyes sticking out from the stock pot makes me giddy and giggly.  Of course, this is an absurd novelty item.  HOWEVER:  This ladle is flipping useful and brilliant.  In addition to being easy to handle and able to take on a rather tall soup pot, Nessie takes her awesomeness up to a whole new level with her tiny little feet.  That’s right!  When Nessie isn’t in the soup, she’s stand up tall and proud on your kitchen counter.  No more awkwardly trying to find a place to rest your spoon!  This girl can sit up all on her own!

So, there you have it!  Four kitchen gadgets that look like a waste of time, money, and space but are actually fun to use, sturdy, and truly functional. 

We now return you to your regular Internet program of cats riding Roombas and arguing about the moon landing.
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