Some Like it Hot: Our Latest Blend, Five Alarm Frenzy!

Five Alarm Frenzy Spice Blend | Spice Rub | Wayward Gourmet

Where Fire Meets Flavor

Liz and I love spicy foods. To us, kicking a dish up a few degrees on the heat scale really separates the good from the great.  This isn't to say we want all fire and no flavor.  The heat should compliment the other ingredients and not completely take over.

We've had countless people emailing us or coming up to us at farmers markets asking us to make a really hot blend, one to burn the tonsils.  We realized that although some of our blends like Maple Chipotle Mashup, Yes We Mexi-Can, and Sweet Heat had decent kicks to them, they weren't hot enough to satisfy the diehards. This was our goal with our Five Alarm Frenzy Spice Blend

We took all the suggestions and went into the top secret lab (kitchen) to create a blend that packs a punch but actually tastes good as well.  We found the best combination came from 3 heat sources: chili powder, chipotle pepper powder and aleppo pepper powder. These 3 ingredients played off each other amazingly well to give the taste buds different levels of heat at different times. It has extremely little salt, no sugar and just a hint of lime zest to bring all the flavor together.

Five Alarm Frenzy works amazingly on meat like chicken wings or ribs, on mixed veggies, in chilies, or in any other dish you wanted to kick up a few notches. We're super excited for you to try it out and see what you create with it.

Be on the lookout for some awesome recipes using Five Alarm Frenzy to get you inspired.

As always, post your culinary creations on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and we'll stick em up on our site as well. We're always inspired by what you create!


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