Unofficial Grand Opening of Wayward Gourmet!

Unofficial Grand Opening of Wayward Gourmet!

Wayward Gourmet Unofficial Grand Opening

I guess it's really called the "Soft Opening" but nothing about this process has been anything short of hard!

We've been up to our ears in more herbs and spices that you can imagine. Every blend has been tweaked, adjusted, altered and changed in order for us to deliver flavor profiles that aren't only unique, but delicious!

That being said, we're not entirely "up and running." We're at a brisk walk at the moment with a few sprints thrown in here and there.  If you're here reading this, it's likely you're part of our Early Bird program designed to give you a taste of what the final web interface and products will ultimately be like.  Keep in mind that there are some changes and improvements to be made before the final blends are set and ready for mass consumption not to mention actual pictures of the products in the store.

Included with each Early Bird purchase will be a link to our Early Bird Survey which consists of just a few questions based on how you enjoyed your blends.  After trying out your purchase, we'd love for you to go to the page and give us your two cents. Click here for a direct link to the survey.  It would be an immense help!

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