Walkin' in Memphis

This is going to be your new favorite sauce! It's a little bit sweet, a little bit smoky, and all-around delicious! Perfect for marinating chicken, dipping shrimp, or slathering on a bad*** rack of ribs!
  • Amazing Flavor for the Grill or Smoker — Friends and family will love your sweet and smoky BBQ, chicken, burgers, ribs and pulled pork seasoning abilities. This BBQ sauce is will be an absolute hit!
  • Authentic Gourmet Tennessee BBQ — Super easy to give dinner a sweet and smoky pick me up. The perfect blend of herbs and spices brings out the best in what you grill or cook.
  • Two-Step Cooking — Cooking can’t get any easier. Just pour over and cook! You can’t miss with Wayward Gourmet’s all-natural BBQ sauces that taste awesome on anything, from pork, chicken, beef and vegetables!
  • No Preservatives — You keep it real, and cooking is no different. All-natural ingredients mean better flavor, better cooking, and better eating. There’s nothing fake here. Perfect BBQ sauce for organic foods.
  • A Little Goes a Long Way — Use on anything, from baby back ribs and grilled chicken to pork chops, brisket and pulled pork. Can be used as a marinade, glaze or dipping sauce!
Ingredients: Tomato sauce (water, tomato puree, spice, natural flavor), honey, molasses, cinder vinegar, sugar, GF soy sauce, spices, natural smoke flavor

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