Our "We Hate Black Friday (Sorta)" Sale!

Our "We Hate Black Friday (Sorta)" Sale!

We'll make this quick..

For some reason, Liz loves Black Friday. She used to stand outside stores with her mom at 3:00 am waiting for the doors to open so they could save $2.47 on a toaster. It's madness I tell you! (Ok, I made up the $2.47 part, but you get the idea.)

Call me crazy. but I'd rather be asleep in my bed at 3:00 after stuffing myself with turkey. 

That being said, we love giving discounts. Regardless if it's Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Arbor Day it always feels good helping people save a few dollars. So we decided to put everything at Wayward Gourmet on sale starting Thursday. And when we say everything, we mean everything. That includes all of our awesome, gourmet spice rubs and our brand new BBQ sauces! It's really awesome stuff for the grilling and BBQ fan in your life (we should know, the two of us literally make all of it.)

No need to wait in line at the bum crack of dawn in the cold. You can just go to WaywardGourmet.com at any time over the weekend, even in your PJs, we won't judge!


Liz & Pat
(really just Pat)

PS: If you really want to feel like you're part of the Black Friday madness, you can always set your alarm for 3, bring your laptop outside in the cold and shop our site from there.

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