Top 5 Tips for Grilling this Summer

Top 5 Tips for Grilling this Summer

Your Guide to Getting Grilling Right!

Grilling season is finally here and we are excited to share some of our most exclusive tips to get your backyard cookout going. Anyone can toss a few pieces of meat over a hot fire. The tricky part is making sure it ends up tender, juicy and succulent. No one wants to eat bland burgers and chewy or overcooked steak. A great barbecue doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, you just have to know how to work your flames and source your protein. Clean grates, a good fire, quality meats and seasonings such as Wayward Gourmet rubs and spices are the key ingredients to making the most of your weekend grilling.

  1. START WITH A CLEAN GRILL - Regular grill cleanings will make your barbecue and grill upkeep more manageable since food and oil stick to your grates after each use, and all that gunk can transfer onto whatever you cook next. We don’t want to taste last week’s bits and pieces on today’s fresh steak now do we? Charred remains can produce an off-putting seasoning for your new round of burgers and that is in no way appetizing. Cleaning your grates will preserve the integrity of your meat’s taste and appearance. It’s also important to oil your grates, especially if using a gas grill with cast iron grates. This will help prevent sticking and give you those flawless professional grill marks. And who doesn't love those awesome grill marks!?
  2. PREP THOROUGHLY - There’s nothing more annoying than striking up your grill, putting your burgers on and then realize you forgot the tongs and the potatoes. Be sure to take some time to prep not just the necessary equipment needed, but also your sides- because what’s steak without potatoes and burgers without fries right? If doing kabobs or skewers, ensure that you soak the skewer sticks in water for at least 20 minutes prior so that they won’t burn during cooking. Let’s not forget our seasonings! Quality blends such as our own “Applewood Smoked BBQ Awesomeness” and “Steak Your Claim” are quick ways to impart phenomenal flavor to your meats.
  3. GET YOUR GRILL HOT - Unless you're smoking a brisket or a pork butt, the hotter your grill the better. You can test this by holding your hand over the grates and if you can’t keep it there for more than 2 seconds, you are free to get started.  A well heated grill sears foods on contact, keeps the insides moist and helps prevent sticking. It also creates great caramelization that is visually appealing and adds depth of flavor. If you're able to, keep one side of your grill piping hot and another on the cooler side. These dual zones can be helpful if the heat gets out of hand and you need to move the meat to a less intense spot on the grill.
  4. KEEP IT CLEAN - During the grilling process, remnants of the meat cooked prior maybe left behind and can transfer onto the next. Remove these bits and pieces while the grill is hot using a long-handled wire grill brush. This will prevent sticking and can really be helpful in preventing flare-ups and or an out of control fire.
  5. LEARN YOUR HOT SPOTS - Just like an oven your grill has hot spots - those parts of the grill that are slightly hotter than others. Becoming familiar with the extra hot areas can be a huge advantage when grilling especially when it comes to gauging the doneness of your meats. General rule of thumb, the middle of the grill is hotter (direct heat) while the edges are cooler (indirect heat). You can start your steak off at the middle for direct heat and that flawless sear and finish it off on the edge.  

When it comes to grilling, the ball is in your court. The options are endless, from a banging burger to a well cut and marbled strip steak. Let’s not forget our vegetables. Greens such as broccoli, corn and even romaine lettuce can be enhanced by a little char from the grill!

We want to hear from you. What are some of your best go-to tips when you bust out the ol' grill and get the flames roarin'?

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