Our "We Hate Black Friday Black Friday Sale"

Black Friday Sale | Wayward GourmetNo Lines, No Hooplah, Just a Clean-Cut Sale

We hate Black Friday because it always just seems like a cheap way to get people worked up into a frenzy. How many times have you seen news footage of people rushing into a store, fighting over the last stuffed animal, coffee maker or widget. It's silly really.

So yeah, it sounds ridiculous that we decided to have our own Black Friday Sale, right?  Well, we wanted to make our sale a little bit different than the rest.

Here's how it works:

Starting Thursday night, at Midnight Eastern (aka Friday morning) everything in the store is going to be on sale.

That's it! No deal-of-the-hour, no ridiculous countdown, no coupon codes and no getting trampled on for the last action figure on the shelf.

This is the perfect time to get a spice blend or rub for all your grilling/cooking/eating fanatics in your life. Heck, pick up a few for yourself while you're at it!

Take a look around our site to check out our awesome blends and rubs so on Friday, you can get them at a cool discount.


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