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So all the hooplah from the holidays has finally passed and for us, it was pure insanity! Liz and I were able to get to a few parties, visit with family and go out to dinner a few times between Thanksgiving and New Years. That being said, the time not doing those things was spent fulfilling orders, prepping gift boxes, and aiding customers with picking the perfect blends to stuff the stocking of their loved ones.

Now that the excitement of the holidays has calmed down, Liz and I would like to extend the warmest thank you to all of our friends, family and customers who have made Wayward Gourmet the fun, successful, creative and wacky company that it is. We truly couldn't have done any of this it without you! All the late nights fulfilling orders, long hours at the kitchen testing blends, and the (not so difficult) time creating recipes has all been worth it knowing we have the love and support of so many amazing people.

We have a ton of exciting stuff planned for 2017 that we are so eager to share with you. Although we can't go into too much detail, here's a little taste of things to come in the new year:

  • New spice blends and rubs that'll surely spur your creativity and make your mouth water.
  • Tons of new recipes for our current blends as well as the new stuff.
  • New ways to purchase our blends including Amazon (fingers crossed.)
  • A whole buncha great offers and discounts that'll surely make your wallet happy.
  • Wholesale prices that were previously only open for retail stores.
  • More silly blog posts about Liz and my engagement and marriage on the upcoming October (I'm sure you're waiting on pin and needles...)
  • A couple really cool plans in the pipeline that I can't even hint at. Stay tuned!


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